Privacy Policy

WinPalace Casino (the "Company" o "we")offes gambling sevices. When you use the Company's gambling sevices, and whethesuch use is via the Intenet Platfom o an Altenative Platfom, you shall be askedto povide pesonal infomation ("PI") to the Company.You should ead this Pivacy Policy in conjunction with the WinPalace Casino Tems and Conditions.

Collecting Pesonal Infomation

We collect PI when you egiste and use ou gambling sevices, make custome inquiies,egiste fo infomation o othe sevices fom the Company, o when you espondto communications fom us (such as questionnaies, emails o suveys). The PI wewill collect fom you may include, fo example, you name, email addess, home addess,telephone numbe, debit/cedit cad data and date of bith and othe infomationcollected on egistation o though suveys which the Company shall undetake.Ou web site as well as ou advetising system automatically logs Intenet IP addessesaccessing ou site.

How You Pesonal Infomation is Pocessed ("Puposes")

The PI which you povide to us will be pocessed fo one o moe of the followingPuposes: (i) to allow us to povide you with gambling sevices; (ii) to pocessany of you equests fo infomation; (iii) to povide membe suppot sevices toyou; (iv) to maket ou sevices o poducts o those of othe entities existingwithin the same goup of companies in which the Company exists ("WinPalace Casino");(v) to notify you about updates to ou softwae and/o sevices; and (vi) to suppotany of the intended puposes specifically stated at the time at which you povidedthe PI.

To Whom You Pesonal Infomation is Disclosed ("ecipients")

We ensue that you infomation will not be disclosed to govenment institutionso authoities except if equied by law.E-mail Addesses ae NOT shaed with any othe oganization fo commecial o non-commecialpuposes. E-mail addesses will only be used to povide ou customes with infomationegading new softwae updates, pomotional mateial, and miscellaneous casino opeations,such as deposits and withdawals. You PI may, fo the Puposes, be disclosed fopocessing to any of the following ecipients: (i) to any companies within WinPalace Casino and thei employees who have a need to know such infomation;(ii) to any thid paties which povide sevices to the Company in ode to allowo enable us to povide you with gambling sevices, including, by way of example,payment pocessos and data veifies; (iii) to any thid paties who povide WinPalace Casino sevices in elation to the opeation of all WinPalace Casinos popeties;(iv) to any auditos, contactos o othe advises auditing any of WinPalace Casino'sbusiness pocesses; and (v) to any potential puchases o investos in any companywithin WinPalace Casino. Any pocessing pefomed by any ecipients will, wheeequied by law, be govened by a data pocessing ageement in the fom equiedby law, peseving any and all of you statutoy data potection ights and obligatingthe ecipients to espect the PI and handle it in accodance with the elevant laws.


Out of espect fo you ight to pivacy we ae happy to povide you with an easymeans to decline eceiving email offes fom us. At any time, you may equest todiscontinue eceiving these offes by sending a blank message with the wod "emove"in the subject aea to


We have implemented suitable secuity policies, ules and technical measues topotect and safeguad the entie PI unde ou contol fom unauthoized access,impope use o disclosue, unauthoized modification, unlawful destuction o accidentalloss. All ou employees and data pocessos that have access to, and ae associatedwith the pocessing of you PI, ae obliged to espect you pivacy.


We may send you a pemanent cookie when you egiste with us. A cookie is a smallfile that can be placed on you compute's had disk fo ecod-keeping puposes.Cookies can help us to ecognize you when you next visit ou website, note the advetisementsyou click on and the othe sites you ente via a link fom ou website. This allowsus to tailo the sevice we povide to you pefeences. We may also use the datageneated fom cookies to compile statistical data on you use of ou website. Youae not obliged to accept a cookie fom us o fom any othe website. You can modifyyou bowse so that it will not accept cookies. Please consult the "Help" sectionof you bowse fo instuctions on how to do so coectly. Howeve, fo legitimatesecuity easons, we may efuse access to specific website content unless you acceptthe use of a cookie o simila device

Potection of Minos

The sevices povided by the Company ae not intended fo o diected to minoso pesons unde the age of legal consent. Any peson who povides us with PI epesentsto us that they ae of legal age o in thei juisdiction. We eseve the ightto access and veify any PI submitted by o collected fom you. If we become awaethat a mino has attempted to, o has submitted PI, we may not accept this infomationand may take steps to emove such infomation fom ou ecods.


You PI will not be stoed fo any longe peiod than is necessay fo the puposesfo which it was collected.This Pivacy Policy is subject to change, so please check it egulaly. We esevethe ight to amend o modify this Pivacy Policy at any time and in esponse tochanges in applicable data potection and pivacy legislation. In the event thePuposes change, we will notify you as soon as possible and, whee equied seekyou consent whee such notification elates to a new additional pupose fo pocessing.